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Hi! ! congratulations on wanting to be apart of the original and longest Kansas City Food Truck group in KC. If this is your 1st food truck, or trailer then welcome the business. 
As fellow entrepreneurs & members of the Kansas City Food Truck Association, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you.
 We wanted to help the other food truck owners by providing an association of members (an established group) where other food truck/trailer owners could share first hand experience with being owners, when it started in 2012, there was no one to assist with or to reach out to networking with other owners was so new.  It was pretty much a free for all and a lot of us learned the hard way on how to become successful, struggled, and also how easy it was to lose in this cutthroat food business, It was so easy to make mistakes, but over time there were enough of us to where we could meet up and talk to each other and help one another, it helped us build opportunities to where the Food Trucks in Kansas City were starting to make its way to all areas of Kansas City and the foodies were loving it and still love it!
There are so many new trucks, and there are even more established trucks. Lets face it Food trucks are no longer a novelty as they were in 2012 when KCFoodtrucks first started. So we had to do something to where we could keep up with the demand to keep our names out there, keep people talking about us. 
To be honest, there are a lot of trucks/trailers that do fine on there own, they are out there killing it!
You see them at every event, on every social media post in your feeds. The OG's of the Kansas City Food Trucks have been around, they know the rules, they know how to feed the clients, and keep them happy. Some of these Chefs, cooks, owners, where just born with it, it comes so easy to them to be out there talking to people, posting what they are doing, then you have the new trucks, the ones I have personally tasted there food and was ready to jump off my Keto diet and cave, these people need to be known! What a lot of you food truckers have is such a gift! Everything you create, makes everyone so happy! So how does Kansas City not already know who you are? and about you? What are the other truckers doing differently? learn what other food trucks are doing via social media with using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The association provides your food truck or trailer with access to thousands of potential customers looking for catering opportunities, locations in which you can feed your fans and offer your services.  With either using the KCFOODTRUCKS facebook group, the sharing of our own social media posts, knowing you can reach out to other trucks!
One important thing we want you to know, KCFOODTRUCKS isn't here to take your customers.  We dont want your contacts, or your gigs, and we dont redirect any business to us, however we also arnt going to get the customers FOR you. You have to do that, your food, your niche should be different. The last thing KC needs is another fly by night food truck, what sets you apart? what do you offer? What can you offer other food truck owners?  
At this time there is no cost to join the KCFoodTrucks, alot of the truckers actually have been grandfathered in, they were here when it all started, currently there is NO cost to john the KCFOODTRUCK Association, this is the best time to join with the food truck season here again.  With that being said... so you have your truck.. and you want to join... and its free now what.... what do we want? we just have a couple of requests. 
  1. Anything with politics, opinions, how it feels NOTHING. 
  2. Nothing religious
  3. Nothing Too Personal (happy news is fine) but personal stuff belongs on your personal account.
  4. Negative Posts About Customers/Clients, and we wont respond to negativity. 
  5. NSFW “Not Safe For Work” posts, if its not safe for anyone's Nana to see it, then we sure as heck wont thinks its safe enough for work, let alone a business social media account.
it takes 1/2 a second. FACT: it wont kill you!, you wont lose business, a gig, or clients. you would be surprised the amount of food truck owners in the United States alone who have lived to the see the next day after sharing a post. 
yes thats right, on INSTAGRAM hit the heart, on Twitter, hit the heart ! on facebook THUMBS UP! It works folks, thats how most of the old food trucks have been doing it, (well besides there delicious food) but it keeps the brand up there on top of peoples social media sites and lists. Every time you do that your bumping them back up, and they will do it for you. 
  each of you know so many people (believe me i know i have been to your pages) so add them! send them requests to join! this will open up so many doors for you to event requests etc. 

(website and social media fields are not required to fill)

We recommend you create profiles on each of the social media links below, because its an easy way to promote your truck!  They are really important tools that help your customers connect with you. 

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*we reserve the right to remove any KCFOODTRUCK at any time.

Any questions please feel free to reach out to INFO@KCFOODTRUCKS.ORG


The Kansas City Food Truck Association!

Locally owned food trucks & individually operated since 2012, serving all over the metro area. All Rights Reserved also KCFTA